brand_ph.jpg Brand -What Is Donatello's? -

  According to its longevity - more than 20 years in Japan - Donatello's has been representing the symbol of Japanese Ice-Cream industry.
Its policy is based on fundamental industrial aspects such as:


 "Lifestyle-transmitting café with the finest Gelato".
Donatello's luxurious taste from carefully selected ingredients and comfortable ambience harmonized by Italian design heal the heart and restore the body.
With over 250 kinds of recipes, Donatello's continues making the most genuine and the finest Gelato in the world.

Model - Spirit -

model_ph.jpg  Donatello's keeps on providing the finest Gelato through its 3D steps to satisfy the customers.
"We continue making the most delicious hand-crafted Gelato".
"We feel delighted when you feel delighted".
"We always offer a small dream (surprise or excitement) from the entering to leaving".


 Donatello's intends to provide the Italian Gelato that has less than 35% air, resulting in a denser and more tasteful ice-cream. The word "Quality" includes the meaning of healthy for us. Donatello's does care about the customers' health and the factory produces low fat Gelato.


confidence_ph.jpg As an industry leader, Donatello's conforms to any type of control:

Cleanness controlCleanness control

Clean gelato components, gelato productions, machines used for the production, factories and shops. The employees of Donatello's maintain daily cleanness to offer and preserve perfect conditions for the products.

Technical controlTechnical control

It makes the equipments and machines work at best without loss of energy.

Temperature controlTemperature control

From production through shipping to sitting in the showcase, the temperature must be maintained properly.


 As Donatello's is in a dynamic and active industry, the concrete marketing strategies are necessary. Under the strong leadership of the directors and with the proper guidance of the marketing planners, Donatello's could keep on opening stores either with direct management or franchise.